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Heat & Light Control + Privacy: Shutter Blinds in Perth

Here in Western Australia, with our climate the envy of half the globe, protecting our property from the effects of the sun is very important. We’re happy to be in this sunny part of the world, but that yellow ball can do damage, cause irritation and we need to be in control of it. If you’re sweating and screwing your eyes up against the brightness, the sun doesn’t seem like such a good thing after all. Shutter blinds for windows in Perth are the perfect solution – and for several reasons.

When the sun pours in through the windows, it can heat a room to intolerable levels, yet if we keep it out altogether, we keep out all the light too. With electric roller shutters – or Perth shutter blinds – you can regulate the light and heat that enters your space. Read More

Perth shutter blinds give a property a distinguished European look, the kind of charm that has made Paris such a chic city. It has to be said, though, that Perth gets a lot more of a baking than the French capital, so we need the practical effect as much as the aesthetic one. And because the slats are adjustable, you can go for complete light exclusion or just a partial block.

There is also the privacy element to consider: with the slats tight together, no one can see in, even if they’re right outside. But you can’t see out, either, and there may be a nice view out there. With a bit of angling, you can get a one-way effect so you can see out but only the most determined can see in. Read Less


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How Shutter Blinds for Windows in Perth Help the Household Budget

As responsible 21st century Australians, it is on us to do our bit towards looking after the environment, and using less electricity is a major part of that. It has a beneficial effect for us, too, because lower usage means lower bills, and we could all do with a bit of help in that department and that’s where security shutters in Perth come in.

Air-conditioning is a wonderful thing but it doesn’t half use up the juice. Not letting the heat in in the first place makes a lot more sense than dealing with it once it’s there. Prevention is better than cure every time, in every sphere of life, and in Perth, shutter blinds can help keep the solar activity outdoors where it belongs as all good outdoor roller shutters should do.

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How Can I Get a Quote for Some Perth Shutter Blinds?

Easy. Fill in the online form or call us to discuss it. Shutters WA can help you decide exactly what you need and give you an idea of cost before we make an appointment to come round and measure up. No matter how big or small your place is – and your roller shutters are – we can help, and in a very short time you’ll be enjoying a more pleasant atmosphere while saving money. What’s not to like?

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