Electric Roller Shutters

Sun reflecting on Perth home's roller shutters

Electric Roller Shutters in Perth Give Heat & Light Control

Convenience is the name of the game now, and we all like to be able to control things quickly and easily. From setting the alarm that wakes you in the morning and a toaster that pops up and stops when the bread is golden, to an automatic gearbox in the car that makes you wonder why you’ve been using your left foot and hand all these years, research and development is constantly making things more convenient in every facet of our lives.

It probably wasn’t high on the great inventors’ to-do list, but one day somebody turned their attention to creating electric roller shutters. Maybe they had a workshop themselves and wanted to make it easier to open and close the premises, so they could leave the kids in charge of getting there early or locking up at night, but they looked at the rattly old device with its chain for raising and lowering and maybe they thought “this is all a bit Camelot, like operating a medieval drawbridge”. And so they fitted a little motor, got rid of the chain and created a switch, either wall-mounted or hand-held, and suddenly there were electric roller shutters in Perth

Why You Need Motorised Roller Shutters

Here in Western Australia, we have a climate that many people envy. It’s a great place to live, but we have to keep the heat and glare out of our homes and businesses. The best way to do that is with roller blinds and the best of them are motorised roller shutters. Ours are attractive, unobtrusive and very practical. Because they are quick, efficient, and easy to use, you can let the world in when you want to, but as soon as it starts to get uncomfortable, press a remote-control button and down comes your protective shield.

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Designs for Electric Roller Shutters

Having demonstrated their invention to someone more concerned with aesthetics, maybe it was suggested to the engineer that these automatic outdoor roller shutters were still a bit clunky. What about making them attractive? Then they could be used in domestic situations rather than being confined to the retail and industrial worlds. Motorised roller shutters: what will they think of next? And good-looking, quiet and unobtrusive too. We could bring them indoors.

Perth home with dark roller shutters on front
Outdoor view of a brick house with three roller shutters installed

Economic Benefits of Automatic Shutters

So, this new generation of electric roller shutters was suitable for putting on the household windows, to keep the sun out, because here in WA we have more than enough of what they’d give their right arm for in Scotland or Poland or the USA’s Pacific North-West. Here in Perth, keeping the heat out of our homes is a significant concern. Being hot has health implications, right down to basic things like dehydration – which is what aluminium roller shutters hope to. And here’s another thought: imagine the shrinking of the electricity bill if you didn’t have to have the a/c blasting all the time.

Environmental Aspects of Motorised Shutters in Perth

In addition to saving money on electricity, if we’re using less, they don’t have to generate so much, so we’re playing a part in ecological matters. The amount of energy needed to raise and lower these automatic shutters is minimal compared to using the air-conditioning to lower the temperature. This is not just a win-win situation: it’s a win-win-win. Factor in the reduced light and noise entering our homes – because these residential roller shutters in Perth have that effect too – and we’re looking at one of the leading innovations of our time.

Remote for shutters
Person holding phone controlling their Roller shutters through an app

How Can I Get on the Automatic Shutters Gravy Train?

Give Shutters WA a call or fill in the online form and we can discuss the outdoor roller blinds options with you. Give you some ideas, talk about styles and costs and then we’ll come and measure up. We’re very competitive on price and we’ll fit your blinds with the minimum of fuss.

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