Noise pollution is a growing problem, especially in urban areas where traffic noise can be continuous. Even in more rural areas, you can be disturbed by machinery and animal noises. Loud noises can stop you from sleeping and also keep young children from getting their required amounts of rest during the day.

Installing additional insulation, double glazing and sealing gaps can all help to reduce noise. But roller shutters in Perth can be one of the biggest contributors to alleviating noise problems.

Do Roller Shutters Block Out Noise?

If you’re wondering ‘do roller shutters reduce noise?’, the answer is an emphatic ‘yes’. Roller shutters are made from a number of horizontal slats that roll up unobtrusively out of the way when open but cover a window or doorway completely when they’re closed. They therefore form a full barrier that keeps out noise to a significant degree.

The main question then becomes not only ‘do roller shutters block out noise’ but how much noise they can block out. This will vary with the materials useds. Nevertheless, any roller shutter should be capable of reducing noise by around 50% while a reduction of up to 50% should be possible with heavy-duty, insulated materials, which is a quite exceptional achievement.

Achieving these levels of noise reduction is dependent on the shutter being installed correctly. This includes sealing all the gaps around the shutter so that noise doesn’t leak through. If you insist on a high-quality shutter that’s professionally installed, you’ll also benefit from extra security and reduced energy costs since the aluminium roller shutter will keep hot air out in summer and retain warm air during winter. And, since noise reduction works both ways, you’ll be able to play loud music with the shutters closed without disturbing your neighbours.

Gaining Full Benefits from Roller Shutters

All our shutters are manufactured to extremely high standards from best quality materials. This means they’ll continue to work effectively, provide all the benefits and continue to look good for many years to come. We’re so confident of this that we back up all our products with long warranties and the promise of excellent after-sales service when you need it.

All our outdoor roller shutters are extremely easy to open and close. We supply manually operated models and also motorised versions that you can open and close at the touch of a button. All models are expertly fitted by our experienced and knowledgeable technicians, so they provide the best thermal and noise insulation as well as improved security.

Roller shutters are a great investment that provides many benefits in a cost-effective manner. So if you want to improve your quality of life and have increased comfort with more peace and quiet, get in touch today.