People install roller shutters for a variety of reasons such as providing thermal insulation to keep their property cool in summer and warm in winter, and noise insulation to reduce external sounds. But for many people the main consideration is how secure are roller shutters and so they install them to increase the security of their home or business.

You want to protect your property from all sorts of threats and roller shutters are a key element in doing this. The main threat is people trying to break in and steal your possessions, so roller shutters are required to provide protection against them.

Are Roller Shutters Good for Security?

The first thing most people do when trying to improve security is to install an alarm system. The box on the wall alerts intruders to its presence but most realise that neighbours often ignore sounding alarms so it may not be much of a deterrent.

Roller shutters provide significant protection in two ways. Firstly, they’re an extremely reliable deterrent because thieves can see a very strong barrier when the shutters are closed. Most thieves are opportunists who will always go for the easiest option so they’ll not even attempt to break into a property that’s protected by Perth roller shutters but will instead move on to something that’s more vulnerable.

As well as being a visible deterrent, aluminium roller shutters provide a very strong and almost impenetrable barrier. The options for thieves are to prise open a shutter, to cut through it or to break it open with a hammer or an axe. All of these options are very time-consuming tasks and will be extremely noisy, attracting attention and meaning thieves are likely to be caught in the act.

Besides deterring would-be thieves, closed roller shutters will provide additional protection when there are storms with high winds, hail and heavy rain. They’ll also keep out pests, so your property is kept safer from infestation.

High Quality and Correct Fitting for Best Results

To achieve maximum protection, you need to install high-quality roller shutters that are strong and resistant to corrosion.

It’s important also that the shutters are properly installed so they’re as effective as they can be. They need to be fitted snugly into door and window frames.

All our shutters are easy to use, which means you’re more likely to close them when you need to. That applies whether they’re manually or electronically operated, the latter enabling you to open and close each outdoor roller shutter at the touch of a button.

If you’re at all concerned about the security of your property or live in an area that experiences severe weather, fitting roller shutters is essential. So contact us today and we’ll ensure your property is much more safe and secure.