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Roller shutters increase security


Burglars are always looking for properties that are an easy target, however, roller shutters act as an excellent visual deterrent. Thanks to the special locking mechanisms that we supply, even the most determined burglar will struggle to get into your home. With our high-quality shutters in Mandurah, Bunbury, and Perth, your home will never become another statistic.
70% of break-ins in Perth take place through uncovered windows. Now you can protect your home from burglary by investing in roller shutters. We put the security and safety of your family as our top priority. That’s why we only supply and fit the highest quality products that have been proven to offer an outstanding level of protection for your property.
Made from strong aluminum, our premium quality roller shutters have been designed to guard against home invasions and can be fitted to the windows and doors at both the front and back of your home to give you complete peace of mind.


When curtains aren’t enough, roller shutters are sure to fit the bill! Our premium quality shutters can block out as much as 99.9% of sunlight so you can enjoy a cooler, more comfortable home. Fully controllable, you can adjust our roller shutters to any level you choose so you can determine precisely how much light enters your property. Roller shutters are a great choice for your bedroom window, especially if you work shifts and need to sleep in the daytime, if you have young children who need a nap or are woken too early by the sunlight. They’re also ideal for your TV room, so you can watch your favorite programs without any glare spoiling the image. The strong Perth sunshine can be very damaging. Roller shutters will protect your carpet and furnishings from fading in the harsh sunlight, helping to protect the value of your home and belongings in the long term.

UV light control
Heat control


Is your home too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Roller shutters are the answer! They canstop as much as 70% of the cold and stop heat transfer by as much as 90%, so your home is at the idealtemperature all year round.Here in Perth, we benefit from dry, hot summers and that means that insulation and air conditioning areabsolutely essential. However, the costs can mount up and those energy bills can be astronomical at theend of a long summer season. With roller shutters, your home will feel cooler so you won’t need tooperate your air conditioning so much. That means you can save around 30 – 40% of your running costs,helping you to get more out of your family’s budget.When winter comes around, your home’s heating system will be even more effective thanks to ourpremium quality roller shutters which prevent the heat from escaping through your home’s windows. Asan added advantage, you’ll be doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint thanks to theenergy-saving benefits that our shutters can offer.


Sick of hearing your noisy neighbors or are you always being disturbed by the busy main road that runsright outside your door? Our premium quality roller shutters can help to reduce noise levels inside your home by as much as 50%!We use a high-quality insulating material, injecting it into every slat of your roller shutters so that your home won’t just be cooler and more comfortable but it’ll also be much quieter. Outside noises will be hugely reduced so barking dogs and screaming local children will be a problem of the past! Our roller shutters are ideal for bedroom windows and children’s rooms to keep out unwanted noise from the street that could prevent you and your family from getting a good night’s sleep. Whether you live in the centre of town or in a busy suburb, there’s no better way to slash noise pollution in half.

Noise reduction
Asset Improvement


Are you looking for a great and simple way to boost your home’s kerb appeal? Roller shutters are the perfect solution! We all know that making the right first impression is key if you want to make your home as appealing as possible. That’s where shutters in Mandurah, Perth or Bunbury can prove to be invaluable. They offer a host of advantages for homeowners that will boost the value of your property when the time comes to sell and move on. Thanks to the additional security and energy saving benefits they provide, they make your home more attractive to potential buyers in the future so your home will become an even more desirable asset. We offer an extensive range of roller shutters in Mandurah, Bunbury and Perth, so whatever your sense of style, you can be confident we’ll have shutters that perfectly enhance and complement that look of your home.


Are you looking for an easy way to keep your property safe from the harsh climate that we experience here in Perth? Roller shutters are the ultimate protection. Not only will they keep the interior of your home cool and comfortable even when the sun is blazing outside during the summer, our shutters will

also protect your home during storms when your exposed windows will bear the brunt of the wind, hail and rain.

Designed for use in all kinds of environments, our premium quality roller shutters are ideal even for use on coastal homes since the salty air won’t rust the strong aluminium construction. They can also protect your windows from the extreme heat of bush fires, meeting all the required Building Codes to keep your window openings safe from radiant heat, so if you live in an area that is prone to this problem, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Weather Protection