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Shutters WA is your local family-owned business specialising in roller shutters and outdoor blinds. We offer industry-leading products packaged with unrivalled customer service. Our shutters are designed to bring beauty and style to your home while also providing privacy, insulation, security, and more. We are committed to delivering shutters that last and offer a warranty of 10 years on both the shutters and the motors, the longest in the industry. Contact us today and let our experienced team help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs. Read More

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Shutters on the side of a house from the outside

Residential Roller Shutters

Residential roller shutters not only block out the heat and the light, which can be a pain in our climate, they also offer added security, reduced outside noise and superior weather protection.

Commercial roller shutters in Perth, Western Australia

Commercial roller shutters are used to protect businesses from burglaries and vandalism. Our remotely controlled roller shutters can be automated, providing convenience and security for business owners.

Outdoor living area with roller shutters half opened

Our outdoor blinds provide protection from both sun and wind, which can be extremely beneficial for outdoor seating areas and patios, allowing customers to enjoy meals and drinks without exposure to the elements.

Roll With It: Getting Perth Roller Shutters

In many parts of the world, roller shutters are all about security. They are the big, beefy, roll-down barriers that stop people getting access to the front door and windows of a vulnerable retail unit or an industrial space. But there is a new breed of residential roller shutters that protect against not just intruders but the weather and even noise.

Install roller shutters to block out the heat and the light, which can be a pain in our climate. As wonderful as it is to be one of the nation’s prime recipients of sunshine, there is such a thing as too hot, and with roller shutters Perth residents can combat it. At Shutters WA we can supply and fit stylish roller shutters in Perth WA that keep out the heat and the light, so you can have a cool, tranquil home without spending a fortune on air-conditioning. Our roller shutters also keep out the sound of an intrusive world, so your space really feels like yours.

The benefit of having no background noise may only be discovered once it’s gone; we tend to accept a certain amount of other people’s sound as part of living in a city, but true silence, rather than having nothing upfront, but a distant roar of traffic, can be an eye-opener.

Can Roller Shutters in Perth WA Really Be Stylish?

They certainly can and ours certainly are. We live and operate in a region with particular demands as regards climate-proofing, so we know homes and offices need security roller shutters in Perth just like factories and warehouses do. But you don’t want your artfully designed, neatly finished building looking like the Perth roller blinds were part of a job lot that also protects the local mechanic’s clanking, banging, oil-reeking den. Ours are designed to complement your building, to fit in unobtrusively while playing their vital practical role. The heat and light protection, which will also nullify the odd rain-lashing, thunder-clapping storm, is delivered in sleek units, big enough to do the job but tidy and stylish. And with electric roller shutters and closing, it’s like having electrically operated curtains.

Regional Legend & Roller Shutters in Perth

The world is gradually getting to hear about the Fremantle Doctor, the refreshing sea breeze that comes in during summer afternoons and has been saving the bacon of everyone from manual workers to visiting cricketers for centuries. Our new generation of Perth roller shutters can have a similar effect indoors, and in this way, we are enhancing the reputation of Perth itself. No one likes to be baked and to have sweat marks spoiling our appearance. Nowadays we want to be in control, and while the aircon can be very effective, it’s a reactive measure, not a proactive one. It also eats up the electricity like nothing else, and we all have a responsibility to use less of that now which old existing roller shutters may not be good at. It’s better for the planet and it’s better for the bank balance. Why not use that valuable energy on electric roller shutters instead?

Why Pick Window Roller Shutters?

The choice is yours. window roller shutters will both keep out the heat and the light, as well as reducing outside noise, so the overall effect is one of cool, quiet tranquillity. We can make them to any size, so window shutters are never out of the question, and they can make your house, apartment or office look great and feel great.

What Makes Ours the Best Roller Shutters in Perth?

Our aluminium roller shutters are a very good idea for a number of reasons, but first, you have to make sure you’re getting them from a roller shutter company that has top products and treats its customers well. That shutter company is us: Shutters WA.

Our shutters are good-looking as well as practical. They reduce heat, which can be a problem in these parts. They add security, block out the light, give protection against the weather and reduce external noise. That pretty much defines premium quality roller shutters.

Then there’s cost, and we are rarely beaten on that.

Customer service? That starts with our free quotes, which we will give you with no sales pressure. We know there’s nothing worse than feeling you’re being hustled.

Does This Shutter Company Offer a Warranty?

Indeed, we do. 10 years on the shutters themselves and also 10 years on the motors for both residential and commercial properties. Not many companies will give you that, but we believe in our products. They are top quality products and made in Australia.

In addition, you will be dealing with the owner directly and our roller shutter installations process is efficient and professional.

That is how you know you’re getting the best roller shutters in Perth.

What are the prices like for Residential Roller Shutters in Perth?

Our residential roller shutters in Perth provide give excellent value for money, so give us a call or fill in the online form and we’ll make an appointment to come and measure up. You may be the first in your street to seek roller shutter installation, but you won’t be the last. Read Less

Looking for Perth Window Shutters?

Fast forward to the modern era and we can have panes as big as we want them. There are tall buildings with walls made of glass, and with modern roller shutters manufacturing techniques, the bigger the pane, the harder it is to smash. In comes the light, and that’s great, but with it, in places such as Perth, comes heat. That’s why window roller shutters in Perth are increasingly popular, because we’ve got more heat and light than we know what to do with, and keeping it out is now the issue.

Window shutters are side-hinged new roller shutters with a sort of colonial look, like you would find on big old houses. They are also the kind of shutters that give old French houses much of their charm. With secure fastening, our Perth roller shutters are both effective and stylish.

Perth home with 3 sets of black roller shutters
Outdoor view of a brick house with three roller shutters installed

Security Roller Shutters Perth Residents Need

Security comes almost as a by-product. With our security shutters Perth has the equivalent of a smart, civilised hunk of a doorman in a suit, not some wild-looking muscled hooligan. Think upmarket, celebrity security. These are the security roller shutters Perth deserves, because this is a classy 21st century city.

It’s a long way to Adelaide, never mind Sydney or Melbourne, so Western Australia has its own metropolis right here and we are proud to play our small part in giving the state a capital to be proud of. Our quality roller shutters are tailored to individual requirements, to fit any size and shape of window or security door, so that when they’re open you don’t notice them but when they’re closed you’ve got yourself a cool, relaxing ambience.

The Benefits Of Roller Shutters

With so many benefits to installing roller shutters on your home or business it’s a wise move. From security to light control, privacy to heat control. Shutters WA has the best solution for you.

Roller shutters keeping a house secure illustration

Heat Control

Is your home too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Roller shutters are the answer! They offer up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer.
Roller shutters protecting a house from light drawing

UV Light Control

When curtains aren’t enough, a roller shutter is sure to fit the bill! Our tight fit shutters can blackout the largest of rooms.
Roller shutters protecting a house from light drawing


Burglars are always looking for properties that are easy targets, but a roller shutter not only acts as a deterrent but offer a first line of protection.
Roller shutters protecting house from sound drawing

Noise Reduction

Sick of hearing your noisy neighbours or are always being disturbed by a busy road or noisy birds! Roller shutters can help keep the noise down by up to 50%.
Roller shutters protecting house from UV drawing

Weather Protection

Perth’s weather can be crazy at times, with scorching heat, strong rains and powerful winds. Having roller shutters installed protects your property.
Roller shutters saving money drawing

Asset Improvement

Are you looking for a great and simple way to boost your home’s kerb appeal? Roller shutters offer a sleek modern upgrade to any home.


We are proud to be using a great Australian-made product that offers superior quality, performance, and lifespan.


We offer an affordable price on our quality product with the flexible finance on competitive prices available.
Shutters WA is built on providing a 5-star professional service. From inquiry to installation, our friendly roller shutter specialists will lead the way.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they sure are! Our roller shutters are injected with polyurethane which helps minimise the transfer of heat and sound transfer

Yes it does, we are proud to be offering the longest industry warranty covering both shutters and motors.

No, unlike most companies we do not charge labour for warranty claims!

Yes it is. Our materials come from OzRoll, a south Australian company and then manufactured right here in Perth.

Yes they are. Our aluminum roller shutters are made from marine grade aluminium so they will not rust.


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